Wednesday, April 2, 2008

goodbye my friend

ee! well, we've had a lovely time doing our wee popcasts over the past year, but we're afraid we have to say goodbye for now!

we haven't had as much time to concentrate on doing the popcasts over the past few months, and the domain hosting fee is up for renewal tomorrow, so rather than renew it for another year, we've decided to lay down Not Quite Rocket Science for the moment.

fear not though! join us over at WeePOP! records to keep up with our goings on, and you never know - you might hear from Not Quite Rocket Science again!

take care and thanks for all the good times!
thor + camila

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Popcast #16 - Canto en espanol, Si sinor!

Quite often people will sing in english even if it's not their mother language, I know there's a number of reasons for why they do it, but I think it's great when they don't. I really like coming across songs i like in a different language, even when i get all the words wrong when trying to sing along.

For our latest popcast we put together some really lovely songs, all sang in Spanish.

The tracklist is:

Hello Seahorse! - Cassette
Nosotrash - Pez Globo
Entre Rios - Salven las sirenas
Mirafiori - El Efecto Bola De Nieve
Nagasaqui - A los q tienen el dinero
Pleasant Dreams - El ultimo Verano Que Pasamos Juntos
Kikí d'Akí - Hoy te vi
Apenino - Recordar
Zipper - Hoy estoy muy pop
Las escarlatinas - Sueno merengue
Juniper Moon - El Resto De Mi Vida
Linda Guilala - Nada que contar
La Casa Azul - C'est fini
Ambarina - Cuando ya te vas
Bel Divioleta - Normal
Francisco Nixon - Me casare cuando me enamore
La buena vida - Como en cualquier lugar

Download the file here.

Hope you enjoy it! x

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Monday, February 25, 2008

the last cassette tape label in the world

These days Cassette tape culture is almost completely lost. In the so called digital age, "mixtapes" don't really come in tapes, but in cd-rs or in downloadable files like our popcasts. Most people (including me, sadly) don't even own a working tape player/ recorder anymore and it's been years since i saw a tape section at a record shop.

I don't mind the new formats of music storage, actually, i have to admit i love having my entire music collection accessible thru my itunes. And thankfully there's still a lot of people out there keeping the whole DIY ethos still alive by making handmade cdrs. But, still... I think it's a shame tapes are almost gone.

So, even though i don't have a tape player anymore, I couldn't resist any longer and i placed an order at Lost Sounds tapes, probably one of the last tape labels around. And, wow, it was so worth it!

Lost sounds tapes is run by Jon Manning, who also plays in the Blanket truth and does some other awesome stuff in Seatle, US. His releases include watercolor paintings, red pony clock, iji, blanket truth and an amazing ukulele compilation.

What I got in the post the other day tho, was his newest work - The seasonal Splits - a boxset containing 4 coloured cassettes, each representing one season of the year, with music by 8 different artists: Blanket Truth, Milly Geronimo, Shelby Sifers, Rian James, Super Famicom, Jellybean!, Watercolor Paintings and Iji. They come in a VHS style case that holds the 4 tapes (and a bunch of cards with info on the songs and bands) perfectly.

Those familiar with Pop monster collective, know what you should expect from the music: low fi, acoustic, home recorded songs, a lot of ukulele strings, toy instruments and super-sweetness.

If that's not good enough, just so you have no excuse at all not to go get it right now, Jon included a CDR with all the music, for convenience, and, to quote him, "for the analogically challenged".

Visit Lost sounds tapes here.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

popcast #15 - a subjective history, '95-96, as told mainly through the medium of 7" vinyl records

This is a slight departure from our norm, more noisepop than indiepop, and also more personally themed.
These are mostly all 7"s i bought between 1995-'96, and as such, is rather subjective, and by no means does it paint any kind of complete picture or history. I was still living in Glasgow at the time, so the mix is mostly comprised of Glasgow bands. At first i was going to make it into a potted history of Glasgow bands around that time, however I had a few fav 7"s such as the Dub Narcotic, Ladies Who Lunch, and The Make Up, which are very much associated in my head with that period of time. Really this is just a personal mix for me, after having ripped all the 7"s, but hopefully you will enjoy it too!
The first Spare Snare track "Shine On Now" was actually from their 10" "Live At Home" which is maybe my favorite record i own, and yes, i know there are three Spare Snare tracks, but they were/are still so good! The Belle And Sebastian pre-Tigermilk demo is just something I had downloaded, but as i always saw those kids around town, they were very much part of the scene around that time, and I wanted to include something more original than from Tigermilk or If You're Feeling Sinister. The "Ladies Who Lunch - Kims We Love" 7" was another favorite at the time - i believe it was two girls from Lusicous Jackson, a pink vinyl tribute to Kim Gordon and Kim Deal, with one side a cover of Sonic Youth's 'Bull In The Heather' and the Pixies 'Gigantic' done on lil' lo-fi drum machines, and released on the Beastie Boy's Grand Royale label.
Also, being more of a mix, i decided to omit any sort of introduction from the popcast, so its just music,music,music! get your lo-fi party hat on, and dance like it's 1996!
hope you enjoy it!

Tracklisting is:
Spare Snare - Shine On Now
Urusei Yatsura - Kernel
The Yummy Fur - Shrinky Dinc
Pink Kross - Velocababy
Ladies Who Lunch - Bull In The Heather
Belle and Sebastian - Pocketbook Angel
Adventures In Stereo - Airline
The Delgados - Monica Webster
Spare Snare - Haircut
Bis - Kill Yr Boyfriend
Lung Leg - Disco Biscuit
Dub Narcotic - Fuck Shit Up
Eska - III Spike
Ladies Who Lunch - Gigantic
Super Furry Animals - Don't Be A Fool, Billy!
Kenickie - Come Out 2nite
Spare Snare - Wired for Sound
The Make Up - Are You A Believer?

Download here

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Monday, February 18, 2008

of Elvis and Ukuleles

Our fav ukulele troubadour, Jacob Borshard, whose new single we just released over at WeePOP!, has put up four new songs for download at his myspace page. As explained on his website, he has finished writing and arranging the songs for his third album, and these are four brand new songs, which don't fit on it. New album to be available by the end of the year! rar!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Popcast #14 - Covers!!!!!!

Hello! Almost a year ago, when we had just started doing popcasts, we did one filled with cover versions. After that, I kept remembering other covers we had missed, or coming across some we didn't know of back then. So I figured it was time for a new "cover versions" popcast.

The tracklist is:

Colin Clary - Donna
Bunnygrunt - Carmelita
Iji - I Don't Believe You
Tiny Records - Back To High School
Alfred Daniels Midland - Every Morning
Bartlebees - Hounds of love
The pastels - Different drum
Phil Wilson - Lee Rimmick
Sealove - All I want is you
Jacob Borshard - Kokomo
Tinyfolk - Emma's House
Dennis Driscoll - Everyday
The Lucksmiths - Make a Wish
Camera obscura - Super trouper
Cub - Cast a Shadow
The Darlings - You Shook Me All Night Long
Hefner - Oblivious
Jeffrey Lewis - Part-time Punks
Darren Hanlon - The book of love
Little My - New Slang
kisswhistle - My date with rachel sweet
The Just Joans - Pictures of you

Download the file here.

Enjoy it! (and try and tell whose the originals are by - no cheating by googling it :))


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Popcast # 13 - All those good times we had in 2007

This is the most personal popcast we've made so far. The one thing all the songs have in common is that they bring us memories from the past months.

It's our own take on the highlights of 2007, not only great songs that were released last year - quite a few of the songs here are a lot older than that - but pretty much the songs that we listened to the most during the year: stuff that reminds us of a fun holiday, a great gig, things we only discovered recently and fell in love with straight away, and all those others that somehow made it to top of our itunes playcount, for one reason or another.

The tracklist is:

Masters of the hemisphere - Coat Of Arms
The Lucksmiths - Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion
Daniel Saturn - It's Running Through My Fingers
Tullycraft - The Punks Are Writing Love Songs
Milky Wimpshake - My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno
Cats On Fire - The Smell Of An Artist
The Electric Pop Group - My Only Inspiration
Math And Physics Club - April Showers
Jacob Borshard - Grass stains
A Smile and a Ribbon - My bunny's back
Irene - Always on My Mind
Pocketbooks - Every good time we ever had
Existential Hero - Almost spirited away
Rough Bunnies - Rollercoaster ride
Sodastream - Twin Lakes
The Lil' Hospital - Big Sister In Hollywood
Colin Clary - Backseat, Man
Breezy Porticos - Ramona, Just The Other Day
The Crisps - Listen Little Man
Alfred Daniels Midland - Oceanside

You can download the file here

Happy 2008 to you all.

Camila and Thor